Pushing it! Poetry for Beginners at West Cork Literary Festival


I’m delighted to be leading this year’s Poetry for Beginners workshop at the West Cork Literary Festival, in Bantry, County Cork. The workshops run from the 16th to 20th of July and here’s a hint of what lies in store:

You’ve started to write poetry. You’ve been assembling coherent lines and stanzas, wrenching music from sentences and syllables. You might even have been lucky enough to see your work in print.

This workshop is designed to help you take the next step.

We’ll learn not to rest contented with a poem’s earliest configuration. Instead we’ll keep pushing things, playing with shape and meaning in the hope that a text’s full potential might be unlocked.

We’ll use as our exemplars not only contemporary poets like Alice Oswald and Jorie Graham but also canonical figures like Wordsworth and Donne, as well writers and artists like Schoenberg, Kafka and Picasso.

We’ll utilise a variety of techniques, from rhyming to dreaming, to let our poems reveal their intentions.

We’ll work together in order to push ourselves, and our compositions, somewhere genuinely unexpected.

Other fine workshops are being lead by Eimear Ryan, Sineád Gleeson. Dave Lordan and Martina Evans among others.  So if you’re in or near West Cork this summer (and really there are few better places to be) why not consider booking now for what promises to be a fine week of writing and relaxation!