Poetry Ireland Review 115


I have a review in the latest issue of PIR  in which I discuss Suddenly Everything by Alyson Hallett,  Short Days, Long Shadows by Sheenagh Pugh and All One Breath by John Burnside.

I describe how Hallett’s collection is ‘marked by an almost Heideggerian determination to acknowledge the unbridgeable gap between human beings and the life-world we inhabit’, how Pugh’s ‘twelfth collection is very much a book of edges and extremes, of limits and the liminal’ and how Burnside ‘sets out to revivify the by-now-surely- clichéd trope of the double in Scottish literature, as he takes on the vexed questions of perception, identity and the contingent, slippery nature of what we presume to call the self’.

The issue features fine reviews by David Wheatley, Justin Quinn, Miriam Gamble, Maria Johnston and Mícheál Ó hAodha among many others. And there’s a fine selection of poems in both the English and Irish languages. Check it out.