Two Reviews in the West



I owe more than a fair share of my best memories to Galway City so I’m delighted to see that I’m the subject of two reviews in that fine town. Kevin Higgins passes the rule over myself and Celeste Augé in The Galway Advertiser and finds that my book The Architect’s Dream of Winter is ‘full of big ideas brilliantly exexuted’. Celeste’s book Skip Diving meanwhile, is described by Kevin as ‘one of the best poetry collections I’ve read this year’. Happy days.

The fantastically named Skylight 47 is one of a scatter of new literary periodicals to emerge in Ireland over the past couple of years; along with Gorse, The Penny Dreadful, Colony and the revived Honest Ulsterman. Skylight 47 is produced newsprint style but is utterly not-disposable. It’s a great initiative to see. In the latest issue I’m reviews by Tom Lavelle who writes:

Command of the subject matter and wide use of its peculiar vocabulary and imagery are very much in evidence. I wondered, perhaps, like a software product, how many versions of each poem were written until the glitches were ironed out? The collection, in keeping with the individual poems, is meticulously stitched together. There is clever patterning and mirroring -like some kind of source code- that runs through the volume.

It does the heart good to see such a thoughtful and preceptive treatment of my book. I appreciate it deeply.




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