The Winter Warmer, Sample Studios, Cork, 15th-16th of November


The former Fás Building, one of Cork’s most beloved architectural gems

I’m delighted to be helping out with Ó Bhéal’s Winter Warmer event, which takes place next weekend in Sample Studios.

This is a fine new amphitheatre-type venue located in a lego building that used to be the city’s tax offices but that in recent years has evolved into a hive of official and semi-official artistic activity.

The two day mini extravaganza will feature performances from Raven, Dimitra Xidious, Jimmy Cummins, Ana Maria Crowe Serrano, Alan Titley, Patrick Cotter and many others.

I can see some of the spirit of Poetry Africa in this event, in that it features poets and performers from all sides of the various poetic divides: experimental  and otherwise, page and stage. And also in the fact that it features poets collaborating with musicians.

I’m not reading at this one but I’ll be contributing in other ways, including -God help us all- providing a bit of a meal for the participants on Saturday afternoon. Looking forward to it.


The brand new Amphitheatre at Sample Studios


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