I’ve really enjoyed being part of Resound, a project devised and executed with typical style and energy by Kate Ellis, cellist and co-artistic director of the legendary Crash Ensemble. Resound features a flexible cast of top-tier composers, musicians and visual artists. I’ve been privileged to chime in with a few words.

I’ve participated in two events so far: one in the Half Moon Club, Cork, and one in the Button Factory, Temple Bar.

It was great to meet up with composer Linda Buckley, who I hadn’t  seen since my college days. I was very taken by her new piece, performed with Kate, in which a delicate almost medieval soundscape is slowly and hauntingly corrupted by white noise. Adrian Hart and Chequerboard also contributed memorable new works. (Though I can’t remember which of them composed the uplifting ‘Pop Friction’). The Dublin performance was augmented by the enigmatic Laura Sheeran and piano-and-accordion supremo Francesco Turrisi.

L-R: Linda Buckley, Kate Ellis, Me

In Cork I performed on a beautiful, mood-altering piece entitled ‘World to Come’, by the American composer David Lang. I attempted to marry my words to the music while Kate played and Linda sang.

I really enjoyed working with these people and I’m delighted that Resound will be taking to the stage again soon.

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